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New Law – Mutual Consent Divorce

IN MARYLAND, THE WAIT FOR A DIVORCE IS OVER… You had doubts on your wedding day but thought things would change once you were happily married. They didn’t. You and your spouse agree that being married isn’t for you. Waiting a year would drag out the...

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Your Spouse Is Cheating on You, Now What?

Your spouse is in the shower, and his or her phone suddenly lit up signaling an incoming text. You know the passcode. For the past three months, you've had this nagging feeling that something’s up, and almost all of the warning signs hinting that your...

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5 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Spouse is Having an Affair

There’s no universal indicator or sign of a spouses having an affair. However, it helps to know which hints to look for because it makes it a lot easier to talk to your spouse. Consequently, you and your spouse have to decide if both of you would like to make the relationship work or eventually end your marriage.

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We’re Getting a Divorce. What Do We Tell the Kids?

The decision to divorce is a difficult one, fraught with emotions and “what ifs.” When you have children, it can seem the decision is compounded because you have to involve them in the process, regardless of their age or feelings about the divorce. Once...

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Thinking of Divorce? Here’s Your 6-Item Checklist

You’ve spent sleepless nights saying to yourself, “I can’t do this anymore,” but the thought of leaving is overwhelming.  You can’t concentrate at work because you’re thinking, “I’ve got to find a way out,” but there doesn’t seem to be a path forward....

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Mediation 101

What is Mediation? Mediation is a process where the parties work together with a mediator outside of the court process to resolve all of their issues which are in dispute. The mediator and the parties will meet together in a conference room and have an in...

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Mediation 101 – Part 2

Who, where and how much? WHO IS YOUR MEDIATOR? For 25 years, Brian Wise has been practicing family law in Maryland and Washington, D.C., representing clients in mediation, serving as a court appointed mediator and serving as a mediator for parties in...

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Mediation 101 – Part 3

HOW ARE AGREEMENTS REACHED? Throughout the mediation process, when an agreement is reached on a particular issue, it is recorded by the mediator as a “point of agreement.” The mediator and the parties specifically discuss and agree on the point of...

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Immigration and Family Law

Wise Family Law Division is dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law in Maryland and Washington, D.C. and at the highest level. Their attorneys are regarded as leaders in the field and recognized for their expertise and ethical standards. The...

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Building Your Team of Professionals

In order to properly manage a client’s case and protect their interests, it is often essential for us to bring on board various experts.  At Wise Family Law Division, we have spent decades cultivating relationships with top professionals in their respective fields to...

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